Welcome to Knocklyon Consulting

We help entrepreneurs, company owners and investors to monetise and add value to their businesses and assets.

The areas in which we add value include:

Business start-up & expansion

Provision of strategic advice

Project & transaction management

Arranging asset financing

Assisting with capital raising

Acquisitions, disposals, mergers & joint-ventures 
Value enhancements

Asset disposals

Debt restructuring

Risk management

Introductory services

Corporate structuring and restructuring
We are currently assisting clients in the following industries: financial services, logistics, property, private medical, high street retail and aquaculture.
Our consultants have a wealth of experience from careers in investment banking, venture capital, private equity, international property investment & development, in addition to practical start-up and specific industry experience.

Our remuneration is mainly based on a share of the value that we assist our clients to create. In this way we become partners with our clients and share in the risks and returns of the projects that we are involved in. In our experience, clients prefer that consultant remuneration is based on performance rather than on a 'time spent' basis.